SHUTTER (2015)

"Shutter" is a short horror film about a man who fears that he may not be home alone. 

An exercise in suspense, Shutter has been my first venture into the horror genre and hopefully the first of many. 

Cape Lookout (2014)

Separated by tragedy, two friends reconnect along a familiar trail. 

"Cape Lookout" was written, shot, and edited within a months time for submission to the the 2014 Project Greenlight competition. Although it didn't place, it was a fun project that resulted in a memorable road trip with friends. 

Striking eyes (2014)

Set in the months after the end of WW2, "Striking Eyes" is a dramatic period piece about an American Soldier who is haunted by the mistakes he made during war. 

The biggest production I have done to date, Striking Eyes was a Capstone Project I directed through my school and an instrumental learning experience as a director. Unfortunately the film has not been released due to issues with the team, so this is the only place it can be found.   

Draw (2013)

"Draw" is a neo-noir about a small town gang that begins to crumble after the sudden death of their leader.

My second film, Draw was a logistical nightmare/bootcamp that turned out to be an invaluable learning experience. 

Drink (2012)

My very first film, "Drink" is a poetic narrative about a man caught in the grips of alcoholism.